The HOA Group provides a multitude of services to Homeowners Associations and their Board of Directors. We use our best efforts and judgment to provide your HOA with top-quality management and services. This includes efficient business administration, financial management, property management and consultation services which are always performed in a competent and professional manner.

Here are just a few of the many administrative services we can provide for your Homeowners Association:

General Administration: Unlimited guidance and consultation regarding HOA matters. All administrative requirements and duties including, but not limited to, the drafting and distribution of correspondence, recordkeeping and mailings. Create and implement custom forms and documents, with an emphasis placed on those requiring legal content. Develop HOA policies and become familiarized with HOA By-Laws and Covenants. Maintain an updated file on each property and property owner.

Communication: Act as a liaison by providing a communications link to and from property owners and the HOA Board, Architectural Committee and other parties regarding neighborhood issues or questions, architectural requests, meetings, violation reports, special considerations, and other general inquiries and concerns. Maintain open communication via telephone, email, fax and text. Provide communication availability during regular business hours as well as after hours, nights and weekends. Ensure all homeowners and HOA Board members have access to The HOA Group and have been provided the appropriate contact information.

Meetings: Procure location and date for the annual HOA membership meeting and any special meetings. Notify each homeowner of the date, time and location of the annual HOA membership meeting or special meeting. Provide meeting materials and supplies. Attend annual HOA membership meeting and attend an unlimited number of special meetings per year. In the case of developer-controlled Homeowners Associations, supply two administrators to be in charge of said meetings. Attend an unlimited number of HOA Board meetings per year. Provide guidance and support in the conduct of said meetings.

HOA Transition: Manage the transition of HOA control from the subdivision's developer to the homeowners. Organize and attend an annual or special meeting that includes an election for new HOA Board members. Meet with newly elected Board members to provide guidance and advise on their new role as Board members.

Files and Records: Safely maintain original forms, documents, records, files and bank statements. Maintain an open records policy so that HOA members can review said forms, documents, records, files and statements upon request.

Governing Documents: Review and become familiar with all governing documents of the HOA. Distribute a copy of the By-Laws and Covenants to each property owner.

Insurance: Make certain that policies carried by the HOA remain current. Review policies annually to verify premiums remain at a competitive rate. Maintain a current record of all contractors and sub-contractors to ensure their insurance certificates, licenses and bonds remain in force. File insurance claims and oversee insurance claim investigation as needed.

Warranties: Review warranty information, if applicable, to confirm its viability as it pertains to promises and guarantees. Oversee negotiations and settlements arising from warranty claims and disputes.

Property Owners: Coordinate with title and escrow companies, lenders, et al. to assist with property ownership transfers.

Legal: Provide legal assistance in HOA matters. Work closely with attorneys on issues that require legal counsel. Participate in legal actions, including court appearances, initiated by or against the HOA. Draft HOA governing documents and corresponding amendments to HOA By-Laws and Covenants before submission to attorney. Provide oversight of foreclosure and bankruptcy proceedings involving an HOA member.

Liens: Draft and file liens and lien releases for property owner's failure to pay HOA annual dues, special assessments, late fees, legal fees, administrative fees and other financial obligations.

Land, Assessor & Court Records: Examine county land, tax assessor and district court records on a regular basis to help ensure that property ownership information remains current and legal issues such as foreclosure proceedings are frequently monitored.

Website & Social Media: Creation and/or administration of an HOA website and social media accounts. Procure domain name and provide creative and content support for new HOA websites. Create custom email addresses for each HOA Board member. Perform website administrator duties. Monitor and interact on the HOA's social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Nextdoor.

Events: Organize neighborhood committees and special events such as neighborhood garage sales, holiday celebrations, picnics, Neighborhood Watch and other activities and events the HOA may have an interest in participating.

New Homeowners: Deliver a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" information packet, and optional gift, to each new property owner in the neighborhood. If applicable, advise neighborhood's Welcome Committee of new homeowner so they can do a personal "meet and greet" with their new neighbor. Update records and files to include new homeowner.

Newsletter: Create and distribute a newsletter to each HOA member. Newsletter will contain content created by The HOA Group as well as information submitted by homeowners.

In addition, we are proud members of The Better Business Bureau, The Homebuilders Association of Greater Tulsa, the Oklahoma State Homebuilders Association and The National Homebuilders Association.

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