At The HOA Group we fully understand that the main focus of a subdivision's developer is just that - to develop the subdivision. While the formation of an HOA is a necessary requirement for most residential projects, you, as the developer, are not in the business of managing Homeowners Associations. You've got much bigger ventures to deal with. You may even feel that the HOA is a necessary "evil" that takes valuable time away from you and your staff. Don't you wish your office manager could devote all of his or her time on issues concerning your company and development projects without being interrupted by HOA matters?

That's why we're take everything involving the HOA off your plate so you can focus on the main source of your business. We can help you from start-up through the turnover of the HOA to the homeowners, and everything in between. Here are a few of the many services we can provide, with a special emphasis placed on services that pertain directly to you, as the developer:

If nothing else, here's one very important reason to make sure your HOA is managed properly and running smoothly:

Do you realize that when there is an HOA related problem that isn't properly handled or resolved that, more often than not, the bad-mouthing and blame is aimed directly at the developer and builders? Even if they have nothing to do with the problem? Word spreads quickly and disenchanted homeowners have no problem letting everyone they know hear about it. That referral you were hoping for, the very best business you could ask for, may no longer be so readily given by someone you thought was a great client - all because of their frustration with the Homeowners Association. This scenario especially rings true for home builders, so it really is very important for your subdivision that its HOA operates in a professional manner and reflects positively on your development company and the builders who are associated with it. After all, reputation is everything.

If you think it would not be cost-effective for you to hire The HOA Group at the very onset of your development project, we'd love to show you otherwise. With the special program we have to offer developers, we can guarantee we'll make it worth your while. We'd also love to discuss your needs even if your development has been in existence for a while. Don't hang on to managing your own HOA for too long. Give us a call at 918.581.4522 instead! We'd love the opportunity to work with you!

We are proud members of The Better Business Bureau, The Homebuilders Association of Greater Tulsa, the Oklahoma State Homebuilders Association and The National Homebuilders Association.